• Official Launch of Medalist
    Launching Medalist with a free and a premium plan
  • Launch of learn.medali.st – a branding guide for athletes
    We wanted to offer the athlete community with a complete resource on how to build your athlete brand, get sponsorships, etc.
  • Sochi Winter Olympics
    15 Olympians, 2 Medalists & 15 000 fans who visited their site during the Games.
  • December - Open Beta
    More than 30 athletes using the platform.
  • December - Launch of Private Beta sites
    Props to the first athletes who made this possible: Kristina Valjas, Alex Gough, Rosanna Crawford, Zina Kocher, Ariane Lavigne, Simon Pouliot-Cavanagh, Ève Routhier, Leah Kirchmann, Matt Sharpe, Toby Ng, Alex & Kyla Coates
  • November - The Retreat that birthed Medalist
    Four guys, one cottage, one weekend somewhere between Quebec & Montreal, QC, Canada

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