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The Twelve Athletes Who Made It All Possible

On the eve of launching Medalist to the world, there are twelve athletes who deserve serious props. 

Back in October I went on to pitch athletes about a platform that would allow them to build a top-notch website in a couple minute that they would not need to update and that would ultimately make their lives easier. 

Back then, there was not a single line of code written. It was just me and an idea. Heck even the other founders of Medalist were not aware of it yet! Chances of success were slight. But still, one by one, I approached those athletes with the tact of a swimming bear, telling them straight up that their website sucked (because they did) and that they deserved more. In exchange of a small one-time upfront fee they would have it all: the website, a lifetime subscription to Medalist and they would get all the features at no cost...oh yeah and they would have them delivered fully built. Sweet deal, indeed. 

When I approached Etienne, Tristan and Rafael about doing this it was still unsure whether we'd succeed. Luckily they joined me in this venture and from that moment on things have gone well. Not only did we do it in one month but we managed to build more than what was initially planned. The response was great, athletes love it! 

A little more than three weeks ago, we opened our doors to the Beta and already, twenty more athletes are on board and built their website using Medalist.

We will soon open our doors to athletes worldwide. 

To the initial twelve athletes who trusted us and took a financial risk, thank you! You guys effectively crowdfunded our startup. You made this possible.

Big shoutout to Alex Gough, Rosanna Crawford, Kristina Valjas, Zina Kocher, Simon Pouliot-Cavanagh, Ariane Lavigne, Matt Sharpe, Ève Routhier, Leah Kirchmann, Toby Ng, Alex & Kyla Coates!

– Antoine

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