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The 10 most common types of athletes.

Athletes are quite a bunch! No matter which sport or what nationality, it seems like there is a recurring pattern in personalities. After much analysis of big data, we came up with the ultimate list of the 10 most common athletes types:

The Dedicated

You make sacrifices. You follow the program. Whatever is written on it, you do it. Heck, you once did 55 sets of dead lift thinking your coach was crazy...turns out he's only clumsy and his fat fingers turned the conservative 5 reps into a suicidal mission. While often being the most successful, you are the one that nobody remembers. And quite frankly, you could not care less, you are doing it for yourself... or at least that's what you tell everybody. Nonetheless, you genuinely don't care. You are in it to push your limits and goals.

The Tourist

Every trip is an adventure. You're the first one out of the hotel and the last one in. You're always on the go. Nobody understand how you do it. How can you have so much energy while everybody have been resting all day! 

The Adventurer

You are kind of like the Tourist... but a bit more extreme. If a back-country skiing workout doesn't involve contact with wildlife or makes for a good bonfire story, you consider it a failure. You are the one who (somehow) do (somewhat) the same thing as everybody else but always end up in the craziest situations. Remember that time when… 

The Talented
You're good. You know it. Everybody knows it. That why we like you, even though you do half as much as we do and still beat us. You can be overwhelming at times but we learned to like you that way. 

The Competitor
Life is one big race. Your enjoying racing to the gym, from the gym. With a shopping cart in the parking lot and in the aisle. All you need is a challenge and someone to compete with.

The Comedian 

In every training group, there's a comedian cracking jokes between sets and during warmups. Being funny seems to be its way to cope with the training load. They usually step their game up on race day.

The Sponsored
You understand that your brand has a value, that you need money to do your sport. You're usually quite good at converting these two into lucrative sponsorships. You see yourself and your equipment as a blank canvas ready to be coated with stickers and logos. 

The Geek
You measure stuff. You compare stuff. You know everything about your sport and the name and attributes of everybody involved in it. You're also likely to come up with new creative ways to train.

The Athletepreneur
You always got a side project going on. Every year, you'll come up with THE new thing. Anything that can be improved, you'll turn into a business idea (thanks to the Geek for unexpectedly coming up with the ideas). 

The One
You are the one. You are the fastest. You are the strongest. You are usually winning everything… all the time. People like you, you are funny. They'll say you are lucky behind your back, but in reality you are just that good! ...oh...and you're being asked all the time if you are modelling. Enjoy it while it lasts, pal! One day you'll be slow, fat and will look just like the rest of us!

General rule of thumb:

  • The Athletepreneur likes the Geek. Vice versa.
  • The Tourist always tries to get the Adventurer on board.
  • The Adventurer always gets the Talented to show off.
  • ... which will trigger an impulse of creativity from the Comedian.
  • The Dedicated usually hates the Athletepreneur and the Tourist and the Adventurer and the Comedian... and definitely the Talented.
  • ...and everybody is secretely jealous of the One. 

Now, imagine living out of a packed house for months at a time with 6 or 7 athletes with different cultures, from a variety of backgrounds and most importantly with different 'athlete types'. It's these surreal situations, that constant circus and these improbable friendships that makes our lifestyle as athlete so amazing.

Because, it's all about the journey, right? 

Antoine / athlete & co-founder

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