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Medalist is live!

Medalist is now officially open for business!

Great, so what do you offer exactly? 

Medalist is the easiest way for athletes to build a website and an even easier way for them to keep it updated. 

So easy that, Olympian aerialist Travis Gerrits, did it in between two flights while lounging at the airport. 

Why do athletes need a website for?

For the fans: They owe it to the ones who supported them since day one. A website is the easiest way for the true fans to keep up with their favourite athlete and to follow him throughout his career.

It's also for the curious ones: Every visitor that comes to the site is an opportunity to convert him into a fan. The Medalist platform is built to increase the conversion rate as much as possible to help the athlete grow a meaningful following.

For the sponsors: They want exposure. A solid website gives it to them. It's that simple. It's also the perfect portfolio when pitching new sponsors and a great way to actually show them the kind of exposure they'll get online.

For themselves: As you can see by now, athletes have many people to inform and to join. Their website becomes the ground zero of their online branding efforts. 

Our platform relieves athletes from the hassle of manually entertaining and keeping people updated. 

You want people to come to your site and, in a matter of second, to get the big picture about who you are as an athlete. 

The main currency for athletes is usually boiled down to the strength of their brand. Count it in followers, count it in number of appearances on talk shows, that's what matters. At the end of the day, it's often what lands them the big sponsorships hence the funding they need to pursue their dreams. 

Why Medalist over other free options?

Medalist is built for athletes and athletes only. It's like having your own tech team optimizing day in day out your website for you.

Every feature and behaviour has been crafted to match the athletes requirement. Whether it is about the positioning of sponsors in the site or ease to add results on the fly, we optimize for athletes.

Sure, they can find a way to get a free website but it is only half of the equation. Getting the website to grow and evolve along with the athlete is a bit harder to achieve. 

Conveniently, that's what we offer!

Looking back, it's been only two month since we laid the first line of code. We were actually able to get it up and running for our private beta within a month. Already, we have dozens of athletes who joined the beta with over half of them on their way to the Sochi Olympics.

We're now ready to offer our platform to athletes worldwide.

Try it for yourself!

- @AntoineMeunier, athlete & co-founder

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